Frye Lake, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming

Frye Lake, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming


Thursday, May 4, 2017

2017 National Day of Prayer

To people of all faiths: Happy 2017 National Day of Prayer!

Enlightenment values inspired the founding of our country as an alternative to theocracy. The Enlightenment championed reason and the empirical sciences as the means to achieve freedom, prosperity, happiness, and knowledge.

Our current trend of secularization is evidenced by increasing numbers of "nones". Former believers are choosing to ignore myth and supernatural concepts. They are rejecting patriarchal, incoherent, contradictory, and illogical dogma and beliefs. They are opting instead for debate, open questioning, reason, science, fact, and what can be clearly proven by evidence.
Prayer is the action of fervently or strongly wishing or hoping for an event, condition or circumstance, or of beseeching an imaginary entity. After prayer today, examine the possible contradictions, or unverified "truths" within your faith.
Reason is a concept all humankind can support. Happy 2017 National Day of Reason, everyone!

--Will Walsh   ©2017

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