Frye Lake, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming

Frye Lake, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming


Friday, March 7, 2014


I am free.  

Free of superstition, belief in the supernatural, mythical vengeful beings, an afterlife, ghosts, divine creator, angels or spirits.

All is natural, thus I reject the very concept of supernatural.  I have no spirit, spirituality, heart or soul in the nonmaterial sense. I cannot be saved, but I am far from lost.  Since I embrace determinism as the driver of all processes in the universe, I consider the concept of free will delusional.  My brain receives, stores and organizes sense data; neurochemical processes initiate my feelings, thoughts and actions. 

My joy and sadness come from my secular mind, not an inner "spirit", "heart" or "soul".  These terms are mythical, archaic, and misleading vestiges of organized religion. (The terms are also useful for romantic song lyrics, poetry and scripture.)  My religious friends use these terms to reinforce acceptance, approval or inclusion in their religious community; to ingratiate themselves with peers, or possibly to mask their own doubt.  If friends are aware of my nonbelief, they unselfishly (or judgementally) assure me, "We will pray for you," and I simply thank them. 

I reject the credibility and validity of clerics, shamans, faith healers, gurus, mystics and spiritual leaders who claim a connection with the supernatural.  I am not a believer, nor motivated by "spirit", "heart" or "soul".  Love does not flow from my heart: my feelings, thoughts and actions originate in my brain.  Although absent of spirit, heart and soul, I possess compassion, tolerance of beliefs, contentment, love of humanity, and peace of mind.  I will forever seek evidence-based truth.

I am enlightened, and free!

Will Walsh      © 2014   

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